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We have 3 different carpet cleaning processes allowing us to select the very best system and process for your carpets. Our preffered method is that of hot water extracton – With modern equipment and process drying times are seriously rapid, often dry within 1 hour. We are more than happy to discuss this with you.

The Processes

Dry Organic Carpet Cleaning ~ Green, low impact maintenance cleaning service, often used in high useage trafficked areas. You will see this stsyem used in large commercial environments. Using a dry compound very much like saw dust, but these micro sponges get scrubbed in to your carpet after a thorough vacuum and stain spot check and treatment. These sponges when agiated rub along the fibre of the carpet and draw the dirt in to the sponge. Using commercial grade high powered vacuums we draw the sponges to leave the carpet clean, odourised and sanisited.

Low moisture cleaning or bonnet cleaning ~ Bonnet cleaning is using rotary floor machines alongside the very latest encapsulation products. Every carpet is throughly vacuumed, then sprayed over with the very best encapsulator, this astonshing product packs a powerful punch with extra cleaning power provided by a newly developed bio degradable oxidiser. We then run the rotary machines across the carpet, the rotary machine has microfibre pads attached and these draw the dirt in to them. Carpets are dry and ready to go with in 30 minutes.

Deep restorative hydro extraction cleaning ~ Using the latest and most powerful machines available on the market, your carpet is subject to a thorough vacuumm. Any problem spots treated and then the appropriate cleaning soltuion applied. This is left to dwell. We tend to use the very latest micro splitting products, these Microsplitting Detergent free cleaning chemistry is totally free from any added synthetic surfactants, and is primarily manufactured from processed and refined food grade Sodium Salts, either Sodium Phosphate or Sodium Citrate. The pH of the cleaning solution is adjusted with acids or alkalis compatible with phosphates or citrates. These are blended and adjusted to produce detergent free cleaning solutions specific to a certain surface, or to impact on problematic soiling. In addition they are also free of oxidizers, reducing agents, bacteria, enzymes and hazardous solvents. Unlike detergents, which emulsify and suspend soil in solution, Microsplitting chemistry is 100% active and works on contact at a nano-particulate level splitting the bond that holds soil together, in place on textiles and fibres. This bond consists of many connected and differently charged molecular chains, which are broken down and spilt into colloidal particles. Once this bond is broken, soils dissolve hygroscopic-ally and cannot reconstitute, so that it can then be removed easily using just a fresh water rinse in conjunction with virtually any industry recognised extraction medium. They do not impact detrimentally on factory applied protective finishes such as anti-static, soil and stain resistant treatments or antimicrobial treatments.
We agitate this product in to your carpet and after a dwell time we then rinse this out using our extraction machnes. Clean and dry within 2 hours, we belive its the very best cleaning solution.

Survey & Quotation

We offer a free no obligatition survey and estimation. Every estimate is subject to the carpet survey, pictures are taken and a report compiled. From here we can raise your estimate and give you the best cleaning options. Get in touch and we would be delighted to arrange a time and date convenient to you.

How do we price your carpet cleaning?

Ever job is different, so every clients job is priced according to your requirements. We have an initial call out charge of £55.00 which covers all works within a 25 mile radious of TR27 4DW. Every carpet there after is priced based on size and time to carry out the works.

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